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Quiet Noise Maker specializing in Video Game Music covers c:

If you have any questions or want to use the music for anything, make sure to check out the FAQ first:

I allow creators/streamers to use my music in their videos and streams as long as I'm credited and linked back to. However, with covers/remixes you will need permission from both the owner of the original song and the owner of the cover in order to be 100% safe. So I can't guarantee that my covers/remixes are safe to use, or that they will stay safe forever. A bit more info in the FAQ above :o

I do not allow people to straight up re-upload my content on their channel or somewhere else.
That also includes, extended versions, dual mixes, bass boosts or other minor edits.

Most of the music I’ve made is available at digital distributors like iTunes, Spotify and others, but then again you may also just listen to the tracks here if that’s more convenient! :D


Cuphead - Floral Fury [Remix]
126,395 views 4 months ago
Mario Party - Opening [Remix]
105,751 views 4 months ago
F-Zero - Mute City [Remix]
146,210 views 9 months ago
Wii Sports Theme [Remix]
242,646 views 10 months ago
DSi Shop Theme [Remix]
755,604 views 1 year ago
Kirby - Gourmet Race [Remix]
1,385,311 views 1 year ago