Gacha Amber :3

Gacha Amber :3
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Gacha Amber :3

pee pee poo poo 😍😍😘😘🤪🤩🤩🤩

Hello! 🪐💫
I’m Gacha Amber :3 but you can call me Amber! ✨
I post:
❤︎GLMV’S/GCMV’S (sometimes)
❤︎GLMM’S/GCMM’S (mostly)
❤︎Memes (??)
❤︎+ More! ⭐️
People who inspire me:
& RosyClozy 💫

Pronouns: She/Her 🧡

I’m just a random girly who likes to make Gacha videos lol ☁️ I hope you enjoy my content ;D even if it’s not the best.
Feel free to share your opinions about my videos in the comments ^^

P.S Tysm for 4K subs 🥺🥺🌺 ily all sm 💗
Let's aim for 10k subs, can we make it? 💗

— XOXO— Gacha Amber :3