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Hi welcome to my channel! I make playlists! My channel is meant to be a safe place for people everywhere, for all reasons. You can comment any suggestions or requests for future videos! Just your daily reminder to sign petitions, spread publicity, and donate to BLM, Lebanon, Yemen, and LGBTQ+ causes. If you are against any of those listed movements/causes you can click off this video and the channel.

CEO of Stay happy and healthy!

Petitions you can sign to help!
http://chng.it/Cf7Yzmvhvg (Justice for Breonna Taylor)
http://chng.it/yVNjX8yYc9 ( Justice for George Floyd )
http://chng.it/xLphyZTBBd (Justice for Ahmaud Arbery!)
http://chng.it/4258YjhdLT (Muslim lives matter)
http://chng.it/9N8z2pzcYZ ( Ban LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy)
http://chng.it/XxMKSbvghF ( Equal healthcare for the LGBTQ+ community )

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