Forget the big short, Michael Burry just went all-in on the big long. We’ll discuss Burry’s unique stock and option portfolio and then take a deeper look into some of his recent investments. Subscribe here for more content:​

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In this video, we will take a look into Burry’s most recent stock portfolio to get a sense of how he positioned himself for success and to help us understand the reasoning behind his investments.

Typical of his contrarian investment style, Burry made several bets on a recovery in financial, travel, and gaming stocks--the stocks hardest hit by the economic recession. His largest position though, was a $113M call option position in the mega cap tech stock, Alphabet (GOOG). Additionally, Burry still likes small cap value stocks that are under-represented in the indexes, most notably GameStop (GME) and Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY). 

In fact, Michael Burry's investment on those small-cap value stocks that have paid off BIG as this is his best quarter for Scion Asset Management since revealing his portfolio in late 2018. Across his 29 positions, GameStop (GME) and Bed Bath and Beyond (BBBY) where his two top performers for the quarter. 

We will also take a more recent look at one of Michael Burry’s investments to get a better idea of what his thought process might be when investing in deep value and contrarian stocks. Specifically, we’ll analyze Burry’s investment in GameStop stock and how he was able to find value in it and other out-of-favor retail stocks.

I should note that although we can see Michael Burry’s stock investments through the 13F filing, this only represents the long stock and option assets at Scion Asset Management. It is possible that Burry may have some short positions to hedge his outstanding call option contracts which would not be required to be disclosed on a 13F filing. While this is only a partial look into Burry’s portfolio, it can still give insights into his thought process as a value investor.

Michael Burry's next portfolio update will likely come sometime mid-October when we will see the portfolio changes as of September 30, 2020.

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