Fizzling Fireboxes! Are you ready for the amazing complete Gordon's Grand Adventure compilation with all-new bonus scenes featuring your favorite friends of Sodor: James & Henry, Percy & Gator and Samson & Harvey! Watch Gordon and Spencer take the long way home and learn what happened to devious Diesel 10!

Directed by:Thomas T'n'P Productions, Sidekickjason, TheTrainModeller, DieselD199, EnterprisingEngine93
Produced by: Eric De Cordova
Associate Producer: Matt Michaud (Enterprisingengine93)
Story by: Enterprisingengine93, DieselD199, TardisRescue, TheTrainModeller & Eric De Cordova
Screenplay by: Matt Michaud (Enterprisingengine93) & DieselD199
Edited by: Enterprisingengine93, Sidekickjason, & TheTrainModeller
Music by: UpsideNow, Tines Sensahthe and the Tuggster Intensifies
Spencer: Andy Sykes
The Queen: Rosalind Ashford

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About TCC:
Join Thomas & Friends as they journey through Sodor and beyond in these all-new original adventures from the Thomas Creator Collective!

About Thomas & Friends:
Based on a series of children's books, "Thomas & Friends" features Thomas the Tank Engine adventures with other locomotives on the island of Sodor. Thomas often gets into trouble, but never gives up on trying to be a really useful engine. Other members of Sir Topham Hatt's Railway include: Percy (Thomas' best friend), and Gordon (the fastest and most powerful member of the team).

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Gordon's Grand Adventure Compilation + New BONUS Scenes! | Thomas & Friends​