Coming to episode 15 of Quan Strange Thanh Quen this week, let's follow MC Nguyen Khang to experience the Katholic cat cafe in District 4, Ho Chi Minh City of Hot Youtuber - Streamer Linh Ngoc Dam.
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“1001 Tales - QUAT THANH QUEN version” is a reality TV show led by MC Nguyen Khang, aiming to introduce to the audience dining places owned by Vietnamese artists.
At the show, not only MC Nguyen Khang's charming juggling act with the bosses, the owner at the restaurant with curtains in the kitchen to immediately make a typical dish of the restaurant; Quan Strange Thanh Quen is also a difficult and challenging start-up story for the artists.
The journey of experiencing and discovering attractive dishes was born to convey the message: Food is not only to fill the stomach but also can accompany stories, feelings and respect for those who have done. out it.

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