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Combo video: Includes some Twilight and Midnight Sun inside it. I dunno if you are going to like it, but I really enjoyed this song. I found that this piece of music was often called on the internet Edward's lullaby. Initially I was going to name the video "Bella's thoughts" but then I realised that the video contained so many scenes that linked to emotions that are revealed to us from Edward in Midnight Sun that I had to rename it.

I'm thinking that maybe some of you won't be able to understand the fonts for both parts very well, so the transcripts for the text are below:

Bella: He was so devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful

Edward: She was just and ordinary human girl. And yet I found myself wanting to tell her everything, to know everything about her

Bella: A perfect statue, carved in some unknown stone... His angel's face was only a few inches from mine

Edward: She looked at me as if I was a miracle

Bella: Edward in the sunlight was shocking

Edward: But really she was the miracle

Bella: His fingers flowed swiftly across the ivory... The room was filled with a composition so luxuriant... Then slowed, transforming into something softer

Edward: You inspired this one. It must, by necessity, always be midnight for me

Bella: Edward... Stay... Don't go. Please... don't go

Edward: Could a dead, frozen heart beat again? How was the sun rising now, in the middle of my midnight? I wish you could feel... The Complexity... The confusion I feel

Bella: Sometimes I feel like if I blink, you're going to dissapear

Edward: I will try to the best of my ability... To keep you safe...  And human. I don't want you to miss any human experiences

Font used for Edward's lines is called BE SAFE.
Font used for Bella's lines is called PABLO.

Clips from the movie Twilight.
Song is called River Flows in You from Yiruma.
I chose the lines from both Twilight and Midnight Sun, including both some of Edward's thought, as well as Bella's.

I hope you guys enjoy it.