Welcome back to the Market Chat. Our guest Matt Caruso is a professional investor and one of the top performers in the 2020 US Investing Championship with an incredible return of well over 300%. Matt follows the CANSLIM system and in this interview he talks about his background, how he learned the system, and his current investing strategies. We go through his stop loss management system, how he identifies potential leaders, and how he manages his positions to ride the trends.

There's a lot of golden nuggets in this interview especially going through his trades from this past year.

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Have a good one!

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0:00​ Introductions
0:26​ How did Matt first get into trading/investing
1:32​ Books Suggestions
3:41​ Teaching Trading and Financial Literacy
5:50​ How does Being a professional trader compare being part of an Institution
8:30​ Traders wear many different hats
9:16​ What was it like competing in the US Investing Championship
11:20​ Follow Through Day, LVGO FSLY
12:20​ How does this year's performance compare to others
13:52​ Do you follow the CANSLIM Rules?
14:30​ Determining Market Conditions- Net New Highs, Net New Lows
15:30​ How would you classify your type of trading? Comparing Swing Trading and Position Trading
16:37​ What is your target Risk reward Ratio?
18:25​ Fundamental and Technical Analysis
21:02​ How do you identify Potential Monster Stocks?
22:22​ Stocks Posting Triple Digit Earnings Growth are more likely to do it again
23:22​ Matt's Chart Layout and Technical Indicators
25:35​ Green Zone. Volatility Indicator
26:14​ NIO Stock Analysis. Entry Setup
26:30​ Buying Pullbacks
27:25​ Volatility Contraction Pattern
27:40​ Scaling into a Position
28:00​ Two Main Setups- Volatility Contraction or Expectation Breakers
28:40​ AUY Stock Analysis, Kicker Candle
29:55​ When does Matt place his trades
30:55​ Volume Rate
31:37​ How do you set your stop losses and manage them
33:47​ Do you take Profits into Strength?
34:50​ Getting in early in a stock position
35:50​ Trimming your losers to hold on to your best stock
36:10​ How do define your best stock and High Potential.
37:30​ How do you determine position sizing and how many stocks are in your portfolio
39:17​ How do you practice Progressive exposure.
41:05​ Trade small when the market is under pressure
41:35​ Going through 2020 and discussing Portfolio Exposure levels
42:55​ Net New lows, New Highs Indicator
44:00​ Net new highs went positive right before the follow through day
44:32​ Robinhood Trader Story
46:00​ William O'Neil is the GOAT
46:50​ Everything has happened before, study history.
47:00​ Dealing with choppy markets and the September correction.
47:53​ Compare your stocks to the market. Relative Strength
48:38​ FSLY Gap down
49:50​ Do your homework during Market Corrections to find the next Winners
50:35​ FTCH Stock Analysis. Relative Strength
52:35​ Concentrate into your Winners
53:09​ Biggest Winner of 2020: LVGO Stock Trade Overview
56:00​ Doing Post-Analysis
56:34​ Handling Pullbacks with a Cushion
57:50​ Quality over Quantity
58:33​ Dealing with Earnings Reports
59:41​ Position Trading, Optimal Buy Periods during the year
1:00:45​  The Trade Desk TTD Trade Analysis
1:02:52​ AUY Trade Analysis
1:04:28​ How do you keep track of leadership groups
1:05:55​ Biggest Loser of 2020 NVCR Trade Analysis
1:07:57​ How do you keep your losses in check
1:09:00​ ACB Stock Analysis
1:09:10​ NFLX Stock Analysis
1:09: 43 Be Optimistic but also very risk focused and fearful
1:11:07​ FSLY Trade Analysis
1:15:22​ Trading versus Buy and Hold Investor Mentality (Buy the dip)
1:17:05​ What is your main goal for 2021 to improve your trading.
1:18:16​ Motivation for new Traders
Music from Absent Mind: https://soundcloud.com/absentinlife​
The content of this video is for educational purposes only and should not be taken as a suggestion to buy or sell anything