I'm testing VIRAL TIKTOK Life HACKS 2020 trends PART 3 (it works)

more videos from me:

NEVER PLAY CHARLIE CHARLIE with ELSA from FROZEN 2 at 3:00 AM - https://youtu.be/w7G1JEMFE_8

I'm testing VIRAL TIKTOK Life HACKS 2020 trends PART 2 - https://youtu.be/Fdmro11C0Fs

FACETIME at 3:00 AM never with ELSA from FROZEN (she CAME TO ME at HOME !!!) - https://youtu.be/SpR-FoMt5bU

the WORST NAIL DESIGNS that should be banned ... - https://youtu.be/cGg6y37ec1E

Which are you? which are you Instagram Filter 2020 (DISNEY SPONGEBOB HARRY POTTER ...) - https://youtu.be/NOUXWY9JIng

TIK TOK or INSTAGRAM BEKI or LAN BFF edition (which TYPE are YOU) - https://youtu.be/sIxiYEZZf04

Never mess with the GRINCH at 3 AM (set TRAP) - https://youtu.be/A1hFumzpRIc


NEVER OPEN A GIFT FROM THE GRINCH AT 3AM - https://youtu.be/YmV-c3fbaSo2

Never ASK the GRINCH these QUESTIONS at 3AM at CHRISTMAS - https://youtu.be/-iY06PFcRUA

FACETIME at 3 AM, never with the GRINCH on CHRISTMAS - https://youtu.be/ZBnvrme8pPs

NEVER EAT the ELF on The SHELF MENU (Pancake Marshmallow Chocolate) - https://youtu.be/AFY1GLzyI0w

ICE SKATING ACCIDENT in USA - CAN I WALK? (Instagram determines my TAG - https://youtu.be/PeI0TL-ZHqo

I only LIVE on 5 STARS XXL COOKIES for 1 DAY in NEW YORK - https://youtu.be/XE5_0PB2ox4

determined 10000 CALORIES (I EAT CHRISTMAS FOOD ONLY from NEW YORK USA for 1 DAY) - https://youtu.be/KOvLF9QTjPg

like KEVIN alone in NEW YORK video 1 DAY LIFE and EAT (Central Park PIZZA EIS) - https://youtu.be/B6RnBD3OAzQ

ELSA or ANNA FROZEN 2 challenge (which type of LISA or LENA MENSCH are you really) - https://youtu.be/6e_vWstoz5Y

NEVER CUT REINDEER from the ELF on the SHELF 3 AM CHALLENGE - https://youtu.be/5QNzilWDhhQ

NEIGHBOR surprised me with an XXL GIFT on NIKOLAUS TAG (crazy class trip) - https://youtu.be/5zrcQmIfvj0

get CRAZY EMAIL from the original SANTA CLAUS ... -https: //youtu.be/ZvAJAgdh6Eg

CALL REAL SANTA CLAUS from NORTH POLE ... - https://youtu.be/ujt_AUhVNJ0

NEVER mess with ELF on the SHELF (not before Christmas) - https://youtu.be/vnGtUoqpStM

DEFINITION OF CHRISTMAS if you are not in the mood ... - https://youtu.be/Vnw62qYL6Bo