Timestamps (you can check out each track individually by clicking the link):

00:00​ Wedding in the Woods (​)
03:47​ T(r)oll Bridge (Snow & Charming Theme) (​)
05:07​ The Lost Girl (​)
07:18​ Emma and Henry (​)
09:01​ Tallahassee (​)
11:20​ Unhappy Ending (​)
17:54​ Emma's Magic (​)
19:18​ Henry's Proposal (​)
20:33​ Wedding Suite (​)
24:23​ A Hero's Funeral (​)
26:29​ Tethering Hook (from the 5A Suite) (​)
27:54​ This Boy Will Be Your Undoing (​)
30:23​ Ingrid's End (​)
33:13​ Zelena's Very Own Underworld (​)
37:18​ Jiminy Cricket (​)
40:28​ The Price for Regina (​)
43:25​ Rumplestiltskin in Love (​)
45:45​ A Father's Pride (​)
47:49​ Glinda the Good Witch (​)
49:35​ The Lion Tattoo (​)
51:32​ True Love (​)
56:04​ Happy Endings Suite (​)

So I spent ages looking for one of these on YouTube, and couldn't find one, so I decided to make one for myself (I'm sorry I couldn't get the tracks to flow together better, I just didn't want to change them too much). I don't know about you guys, but OUAT music really helps me whenever I'm going through something or have homework or study to do. While many of the tracks are epic and adventurous (and if this video goes down well, I can make a compilation of those too!), I have always personally preferred the calmer tracks. Mark Isham's composition skills are absolutely incredible, and I will be indebted to him for the rest of my life for composing such beautiful music for us.

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