According to Venta, this is a humidifier and air purifier. I'm not so sure I am comfortable calling this a true air purifier. It certainly is not HEPA  but  It does literally wash dust, pollen and allergens out of the air as it operates. This is simple, efficient, and quiet. It has low operational costs because it does not require filter replacements or really anything other than water and a water additive that helps prevent calcium and mineral deposit buildup and also helps improve the sheeting action of the water on the rotating discs. It uses low power, 3, 5 or 8 watts depending on the fan speed.

Unlike an Ultrasonic humidifier that can breed bacteria and leave a fine white dust on flat surfaces, this has none of those problems. Unlike a hot steam humidifier that is noisy and requires more maintenance, this is simple to clean at periodic intervals.

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