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[video & text: NASA /AFRC]

Multiple camera documentation of STS-126 Endeavour landing and turnaround at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center. Crew: CDR: Christopher Ferguson PLT: Eric Boe MS1: Donald “Don” Petitt MS2: Stephen “Steve” Bowen MS3: Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper MS4: Shane Kimbrough Ascent: Expedition 18 MS5/FE: Sandra Magnus Descent: Expedition 17 MS5/FE: Gregory “Greg” Chamitoff Highlights: • 32nd night launch • 27th mission to the ISS (ISS ULF-2) • Delivered equipment and supplies using the “Leonardo” MPLM • 4 EVA’s • Orbital Altitude: 222.22 statute miles • Orbits: 250 (landed on orbit 251) • Duration: 15D 20H 29M 30S • Traveled: 6.62 million statute miles • Only Shuttle landing on EDW inside runway / asphalt / 12,000 feet runway