SET India is predicted to pass PewDiePie in subscribers soon since they are growing 5-10 times faster! Watch the progress on this 24/7 Livestream!

I anticipate this race will only get more intense as time goes on, so make sure you check back here frequently for any updates and share the stream around!

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All songs are from Monstercat and downloaded through Monstercat Gold. Includes songs from Uncaged, Instinct and Silk. Playlist last updated on 2021/05/12. Currently got 2,319 songs in the playlist.
Playlist includes few remixes, but does include all VIP/mix/radio edit versions.

About PewDiePie & SET India:
PewDiePie, Pewds (or Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) is the most subscribed individual creator and is most well known for his gaming videos and his LWIAY or meme review series. During the PewDiePie vs T-Series war he gained around 100K per day, with a peak of 544k in one day, but he has since slowed down to 10-14k a day and SET India is gaining fast! Even Cocomelon overtaking pewds couldn't increase his growth!

Sony Entertainment Television India (SET India) is a 24 hour Hindi General Entertainment Channel that provides various family entertainment, uploading many times a day.

The stream will go on until both Cocomelon and SET India has a significant lead over PewDiePie.

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