What if all levels of Super Mario 3D World were COMBINED TOGETHER into ONE LEVEL? You have to go through EVERY LEVEL of World 1 in a single level! Today we play this Super Mario 3D World custom level mod where all of the levels of Super Mario 3D World are put into a single level, and we do this for every world that has been created for this mod so far, in a Super Mario 3D World mod created by Prince Nova! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyU8...
All levels in World 1 are combined into a single level, where Mario starts at Super Bell Hill, and you make your way through Koopa Troopa Cave and the rest of the levels in World 1, ending at Bowser's Highway Showdown! You collect all of the green stars in the level, and when you finish this level, you play level 1-2, where all of the levels in World 2 are combined into a single level! Really cool Super Mario 3D World custom level mod where all levels are put together into a single level in a mission for Mario where you complete all of the levels combined together :D
Intro/ explanation - 0:00
World Map level icon - 0:20
My overlapped levels mod - 0:35
World 1 level (Super Bell Hill) - 0:52
Koopa Troopa Cave (World 1-2) - 1:35
Checking if the gold pipe is there - 2:16
Chargin' Chuck Blockade (World 1-A) - 3:03
Super Bell Hill (second half) - 3:15
Mount Beanpole (World 1-3) - 3:47
Checkpoint flag - 5:04
Plessie's Plunging Falls (World 1-4) - 5:23
Switch Scramble Circus (World 1-5) - 6:34
Bowser's Highway Showdown (World 1-Castle) - 8:25
Captain Toad Goes Forth (World 1) - 9:37
World 2 level icon in the World Map - 10:20
Conkdor Canyon (World 2-1) - 10:35
Puffprod Peaks (World 2-2) - 12:18
Big Galoomba Blockade (World 2-A) - 14:37
Shadow-Play Alley (World 2-3) - 14:51
Really Rolling Hills (World 2-4) - 16:56
Double Cherry Pass (World 2-5) - 18:18
Biggest troll ever - 20:15
Boom Boom Boss fight (World 2-Train: Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade) - 21:17
A big thank you to Prince Nova for making and sharing this mod! Prince Nova's YouTube channel is almost at 1,000 subscribers, go check it out! :D https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyU8...
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