And here ends the chapter of Forgiveness.
I hope you felt the "calm. The reluctance."

I hope we all come out ready to gamble and love again.
And let us always remember that hope is not a fantasy that blinds us to the truth. Because everything has a reason.
You're not alone.
So the only prayer I shout in the air
hopefully when we meet the new morning,
We have learned to forgive and to apologize;
Free and liberate;
and most of all, learned to leave everything to Him.

Until the next chapter.
Thanks to you.

** english subtitles are available **

Wrong Moira Dela Torre? Official Music Video

Starring: Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto

Directed by: Niq Ablao
Story by: Moira Dela Torre, Jason Hernandez, Niq Ablao
Executive Producer: Moira Dela Torre
Produced by: Moira Dela Torre, Jason Hernandez
Director of Photography: Niq Ablao
2nd Unit Director of Photography: Dan Orozco
Camera Operators: Dan Orozco and Angelo Leanda
Production Assists:
Roman Coloma
Joseph Tolentino
Editor-Colorist | Niq Ablao
Production House: Ravus by The Film Hat
Publishing: Moira Dela Torre

Script dialogue by: Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, Moira Dela Torre & Jason Hernandez

Music post production:
Chris Rosales - Piano Score
James Narvaez - Sound Design / Audio Editing / Mix & Master

The Wedding Band:
Moira Dela Torre
Jason Hernandez
Luke Sigua
Luis Cortez
James Narvaez
Chris Rosales
Jeric Pacaba

Priest: Donald Lapez

Ring bearers: Pochi and Caramel

Julia's wedding gown and Moira's gown by:

Moira, Joshua & Band's Glam Team:
Nikki Medina |
MJ Rone
Donald Lapez

Julia's Glam Team:
Raymond Santiago
Robbie Pinera
Cath Sobrevega

Wedding Bouquet and Lamps: Rein Go-Katigbak of Flower Works

Mela Ballano
CJ Cabungcal
Charlie Delgado
Rocelyn Fandiño

Special thanks to:
Cornerstone Entertainment Inc.
Star Music
Erickson Raymundo
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Medic: Meryll Ann Chan