This is OpenCV C++ course that will teach you everything you need to know to get started. This course is based on my previous OpenCV Python course that now has more than a million views and 98.8% positive feedback. Like before we are going to learn the basics that include Processing images videos webcams and finding shapes colors, humans, and vehicle number plates. We will also have 3 example projects that will cover all the basics we have learned. C++ is an excellent language for implementation and creating real-world products. so having this advanced computer vision skill on your CV will really make it stand out from the competition. And Don't worry if you are a beginner we will go step by step right from the installation up to creating exciting projects, And our main focus will be practical implementation so we will skip all the boring theory stuff.

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Time Stamps:
00:00​ Intro
1:24​ Introduction to Images
3:48​  Installation - Windows
11:51​ Installation - Mac
22:05​ Chapter 1 - Read Images Videos and Webcams 
35:23​ Chapter 2 - Basic Functions
50:21​ Chapter 3 - Resize and Crop 
58:31​ Chapter 4 - Drawing Shapes and Text
01:11:07​ Chapter 5 - Warp Perspective 
01:22:40​ Chapter 6 - Color Detection
01:37:17​ Chapter 7 - Shapes/Contour Detection
02:14:52​ Chapter8 - Face Detection
02:22:21​ Project 1 - Virtual Painter
03:02:52​ Project 2 - Document Scanner
03:46:14​ Project 3 - License Plate Detector