Week 2’s zoom class meeting is another long one, and yet, we still didn’t cover enough ground. I suggest watching it on x1.5 or x2 speed. I’ve also put markers so you can find where we cover different material easier.

Video content timestamps:
Feedback and clearer instructions for RLD Notes and RRs: (0:00​)
“Plato’s Cave” discussion: (17:50​)
Finishing ideas about evaluating and synthesizing in cat exercise: (1:30:46​)
"Everything Now" and "Treadmill of Consumption" discussion: (1:59:45​)
Ad Analysis prompt: (2:38:49​)
Ad Analysis structure and warnings: (3:30:48​)
Choosing and claiming your ad: (3:34:45​)

I’ve posted some notes at the end of the “Week 2” module to help with the Ad Analysis

Asynchronous or absent synchronous students may use this one or the other, much shorter, videos in the playlist (linked below) to do their RLD notes. However, for the Ad Analysis format and length directions make sure to follow the details on the prompt or the last 6 minutes of this video.