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▶Plot introduction: In a peaceful and prosperous time, the people live and work in peace and harmony. The son of General Sheng Xiaojing, Sheng Chumu, was spoiled by his mother since he was a child, and he was a well-known dude in the city of Chang'an. During a long trip to Guangzhou, Sheng Chumu came across Fu Rou, a young lady from the Embroidery Workshop. She fell in love with her at first sight, pretending to be a man of insight with both civil and military skills, and vowed to embrace her as a beauty. After a few contacts, Fu Rou realized that Sheng Chu Mushi was incapable of learning and was very disappointed in him. Sheng Chumu was determined to change himself for the sake of love and learned the art of war and martial arts, and finally won the favor of Fu Rou. The two who were determined to return to Chang'an, Fu Rouyin went to the palace to become a female officer, and Sheng Chumu was also forced to join the army. The two were tested for love, and they also saw their responsibilities clearly in the process of growing up. They joined hands to save the crisis of the country and contribute to the prosperity of the country and the well-being and happiness of the people.
▶Starring: Xu Kai, Li Yitong, Tan Jianci, Wu Jiayi, Li Zefeng
▶Director: Wang Xiaoming, Bai Yunmo
▶Screenwriter: Feng Nong
▶Production company: Dongyang Huanyu Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd.

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