Ask and you shall receive! Thank you for liking my other videos so much, it was really motivating reading all your comments. Tbh I see these videos a thousand times while I edit them so they don't seem as funny to me, so it's a relief to know that you guys think its so funny!

I think I'm gonna make two videos per movie since I don't want to upload a 20 minute video. (That kinda seems really long, what do you guys think?) That means that there will be a part 2 for this video! Also, if you want more twilight content please check out tumblr. The full twilight renaissance is happening over there and there are hundreds of ppl that are incredibly witty, funny, creative, and artistic over there.

Thank you for the support, I'll be back with another vid soon :)

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0:02​ - Parks and Recreation
5:35​ - Oliver Twist

0:27​ - Parks and Recreation Theme Opening 
0:48​ - Mii Channel Music
1:20​ - Minecraft theme
1:32​ - "We R Who We R" Kesha
2:04​ - "Mine" Bazzi
3:17​ - Bella's Lullaby
3:40​ - "Take Your Man" Mahogany LOX
5:11​ - "Entrance of the Gladiators" 
5:30​ - "Roslyn" Bon Iver & St.Vincent (part of the new moon soundtrack)
5:35​ - "Twelfth Street Rag" sponge bob
6:44​ - "Roman Holiday" Nicki Minaj 
               "Le Festin" Camille
7:32​ - Mark and Johnny just 'conversating' (thank you Tatiana my queen)
9:23​ - "Bungee (Fall in Love)" Oh My Girl
10:07​ - Wii Shop Channel Music
10:30​ - Cody and Noel being sugar gay
11:30​ - I Got Hair