this video is a very chill, just chatty video. i've been in a very ~artsy~ mood lately so i decided just to paint and talk about some random things with y'all! if u don't like chatty videos then this probably isn't the one for u, but i feel like i never get to sit down and just talk with u guys so this was kinda niceee.

also i have to pick up my class schedule today cuz school is starting again in a few days and I actually. wanna. die !! it's my senior year tho so hopefully it's a fun and memorable time ?? idk how i feel about being a senior tbh. i feel like everyone is excited and i'm kinda not ?? like we have to actually grow up now and apply to colleges and think about our futures !! ahhhh !! i'm also scared to see everybody again at school ew. but at least i can get that high school content while i can baha

ily guys

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