Video prepared as part of the course "Private Law Institutions 2" (previously called "Legal Act"), schedule 0205 for the 2020-1 semester of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
Teacher: José Carlos Fernández Salas
Deputy: Gino Elvio Rivas Caso
Assistant: David Enrique Cox Cruz

The dissemination and reproduction of this educational material is allowed as long as the original authorship is attributed to the author (Creative Commons license - CC BY).
Suggested citation: FERNANDEZ SALAS, José Carlos. "Vices of the Will: Error and Dolo". May 8, 2020. Video.

Video index:
0:08 Presentation: Vices of the will
2:22 Well-formed will requirement
4:30 Vice error
5:28 Error requirements
7:16 Examples
14:15 Error in declaration
18:20 Dolo cheating
21:11 Reticence or negligent intent
23:55 Examples

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