Pretend this is the 20k-28k subscriber special :) -- I know I know, I'm really bad at updating but I kept procrastinating it and now we are closer to 30k than 20k but IDC I'm posted this as the 20k special anyway :)
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*a few things I want to go over now that you are reading this :) --*

1. MOST IMPORTANTLY -- Thank you so freaking much for 20k-28k subscribers! My channel has grown so quickly I haven't been able to make any special videos recently also due to procrastination.

2. I am aware my videos have A LOT of ads, but I cannot control how many are put in my videos and I do not make money off of my videos. To prevent getting those ads you can skip to the end of the video and press reply, or go to -- it's a safe website that loops any youtube video without playing the ads

3. This is part of the allnighters playlists series! The rest of the videos can be found in a public playlist under my account -- or you can just scroll through my videos :)

4. Last but not least, feel free to comment any suggestions or requests! Along with songs suggestions because clearly -- I am obsessed with music of all sorts and genres (except country and metal, I'm sorry to those of you who like those genres 🤧)

I hope you enjoyed the video! Much love -- melontarts
He's an amazing photographer so please check him out :)

I swear on my mom none of these songs or videos used to make this are mine. All credit goes to every single rightful owner. 
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