The gang is all here today and they have so much to talk about. Jason tells us he’s finally updated a Rails app he built in March and he did the Tailwind 2.0 update. Chris talks about patching Webpacker to fix the Webpack DevServer changes, and Andrew shares some info about why it may not have been working for him. Chris shares a fun fact about Rails Webpackers master version that may make you laugh!  Other topics discussed are an issue Jason ran into with trying to get PurgeCSS working, the Ryan Bates DigitalOcean extravaganza/Tweet he made, Hatchbox and CableReady updates, the new release of Mac and the M1 chip, Hey is having a dumpster fire, and Andrew’s video trailer for Haml/ERB is premiering here today! You don’t want to miss it!

Remote Ruby
Episode 107
December 18, 2020

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