Hello. Today I have prepared the 2nd video from my culinary collection.
If you set a subheading, you will see the name of the ingredient

Start: Lobster Seafood Stew
03:22 spicy chicken legs and octopus
04:09 Rice ball with flying fish roe
04:51 steamed egg
05:46 spicy crab soup
06:43 soy sauce soft-boiled egg
08:45 Cold soup with cucumbers and seaweed
09:37 Cooking kimchi with cucumbers
12:15 p.m. Spicy fire sauce triangle gimbap
12:58 Rice sausage
13:18 octopus pork belly
14:40 Spicy Squid Sprout Soup
16:08 Baby king crab, steamed seafood with mushrooms
18:35 Tteokbokki Fish Pie
20:19 Yeolmu Kimchi
23:06 Seaweed Soup
23:34 Japche
25:48 Gimbap Triangle
28:09 Mara hot fire sauce Assorted mushrooms
30:38 Flying Fish Egg Rice Ball
31:03 spicy stewed seafood
33:49 Chicken ribs
36:55 Fresh cabbage kimchi
38:45 Boiled pork
39:44 Perilla Sujebi
41:15 Square Radish Kimchi (Kakakdugi)
43:45 Fresh kimchi salad
44:25 Steamed Spicy Crab Seafood
48:19 Cream paste
48:55 Pickled cucumbers, beets, radishes
49:56 Kimchi with green onions
50:31 Fried frozen eggs
51:07 rice cake (Tteokbokki)
53:04 Fried shrimp
55:01 Popcorn and Shrimp Head
55:28 Migoreng Noodles
56:53 Mara Fire Mushroom Hot Sauce
59:08 Cold watermelon noodles

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