Today I want to delve into a fundamental aspect that we began to analyze in episode 135, which is the subject of wallets or wallets that we can choose to store our cryptocurrencies in a safe way and not run the risk of losing them.

Therefore, in this episode I first want to explain all the different options that you have available, so that you understand the pros and cons of each one and then I want to share with you the options that seem the best to start with.

00:00 Introduction
01:30 Share your experience
02:20 Why do we need a wallet
03:30 How to transfer Bitcoins
04:45 The similarities with Email
05:45 Different types of Wallets
06:20 The Exchanges
07:50 Online wallet
09:00 Software wallets
10:20 Cold Wallets
10:50 Paper Wallets
12:20 Hardware Wallets
13:50 What is the best to start with?
14:20 Option 1: Exodus Wallet
15:50 Option 2: Trust Wallet
17:12 Summary of recommendations

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