Tiktokvideodownloader HD Video Download Fast Video downloader

TikTok downloader makes it easy and fast to download and share public musically videos.

This is the most Easiest and Fastest Video Downloader for Tiktok and Musically Apps!

How it works
1. Open app on your Android device
2. Copy URL of the video you want to download on Tiktok or Musically
3. The video downloader for Tiktok will automatically copy this URL and give you option to download videos without watermark
4. You can share the downloaded video on your social networks or just keep them on your local device.

How to use Video Downloader for Tiktok app
1. Open the app & Turn ON Service.

2. Open Tiktok or Musically app and Copy video url of any video you want to download

3. The app will automatically download the video and save it to your phone

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1. This app is not affiliated with, Tik Tok or to ByteMod Pte. Ltd.
2. Re-uploading image/video stories is NOT encouraged, please seek owner approval.
3. Any unauthorized downloading or re-uploading of contents and/or violations of Intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.

The need to download music mp3, download videos or download profile picture from tik tok (or musically) to users' phones to be able to reuse when there is no network or want to share with friends or save images and videos is very practical and reasonable.
You are finding for video downloader for tik tok, music downloader for Tik tok but still not satisfied with apps available on the market, I wish you had come to the right place.
With the desire to help users easily download videos and tik tok mp3 download, photos from Tik tok, TuPhan author has built and developed app "Downloader for Tik tok".

App designed with friendly interface and easy to use.

After downloading app to your device, you proceed to start app.

On the main interface of app you can paste url video or user profile or tik tok song on Tik tok you want to download then press "Download".

Main feature of app is to allow you to download directly from official Tik tok app with the sharing feature (Share) of Tik tok or by copying url's Tik tok to the clipboard.

This is the first and only app support all version tiktok now , include Tiktok lite, Musically, Douyin,...

1. To auto downloader for tik tok, you simply need to use the usual Tik tok app, then you want to download videos or music or profile photo from Tik tok, just press the "Share" button.

2. You can select "Copy Link" and "Downloader for Tik tok" app will automatically run and identify the link for you, if you agree to download, just click the button "Download".

3. In addition, app also supports download by sharing the "downloader for tik tok" app, if it is the first time use, select "Other" and select " tik tok video downloader" from the list, if later use, you simply select the" video downloader app for tik tok "app from the list.

4. After downloading media such as video, image, tik tok mp3 downloader, ... then go to Downloaded Files to manage downloaded files, with mp3 file you can make tik tok ringtone easily.

Here you can see (open), share with friends, rename or delete downloaded media.

Because it is the first version, hope to get your comments to be more and more complete than this "video - music downloader for tik tok" app. 
Sincerely thank !!

TikTok Video Downloader — help you download no watermark TikTok or Videos to your phone

Also you can set the video for live wallpaper

Just need a few steps:
1. Update TikTok to the latest version.
2. Open TikTok and choose a video you like Click “Share” on the bottom right. 
3. In Share to,Select TikTok Video Downloader.
4. If you not find it,you can select other then find it.
5. It can auto start Tiktok Video Downloader, then Click Download Button,it will auto download.
6. Select the Videos tab in Tiktok Video Downloader to see the list of downloaded videos.