Graduated from High School, Mother gave me a Super Car and 7 Great Gifts from Rich Kids Vietnam

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Hello everyone in the world today. Whether admiring or jealous, the association of rich Vietnamese children has never stopped people from dizzying about the luxury. This is not only shown in billion-dollar super cars, seven hundred million watches, luxury travel or expensive clothes and bags, but also in the terrible gifts they receive from their parents. Do not know how much the most expensive gift you ever received from your parents is worth, try and see if it is equal to how many percent compared to the gifts that richkid Vietnam received. To know how great those gifts are, let's explore 7 Great Gifts Vietnamese Rich Kids Received From Their Rich Parents

00:00 Introduction
00:39 Coming Soon Graduation RMIT Awarded Mercedes C300 AMG
01:44 Hublot watches - Thao Trinh
02:40 Ferrari 16 billion - Graduation Day
03:53 Money - Vo Do
04:57 Locking a super car for your son is 6 years old
05:55 Brand Name
07:07 Give Car 1 Billion When You Know Your High School Graduation Test Score

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