Hello friends! This year, we kick off into hyperspeed with yet another master study tutorial. In this video, you will learn how to recreate this scene from Flatwhite Motion Studio's TEDx-Boundaries video!!!

00:00​ - motion analysis
01:45​ - using a detailed wiggle function
03:30​ - animating the flash / strobes with valueAtTime
08:45​ - building the flat speed line particle system 
16:55​ - putting the particles into overdrive
19:00​ - enhancing the scene with flash and blackouts
22:30​ - final touches with CC Radial Fast blur + cam rotation

🎥 Flatwhite Motion
→ https://vimeo.com/284096799​

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→ Masterstudies 2020: https://gum.co/GAQX/​

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