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Design Fun: D This EP ... take you to see the house of famous composer 'Nueng Narongwit'.
Located by the lake
This Sleepless Residence was designed by Warchitect architect Win, who owns the rooftop house and Hachi serviced apartment that many people like.
Come hear the concept of this house design, which is sophisticated, allowing homeowners to appreciate the beauty of the lake from every room in the house.
There are also many elements in the house that are designed in loft style. But is a loft in a new angle that is unique to the original We have seen
I believe that this house will inspire many people. People who are looking for a house, of course.

Thank you
++ Home owner: Mr. Narongwit Techatanawat
++ Architect / Interior Design: WARchitect
By Ms. Thawin Hanboonset and Ms. Pasawat Amanamarn
Contact: Tel. 081-253 6574, [email protected]
++ Landscape Architect: King Kiang Bai Company Limited
By Ms. Tawatchai Sakdikul and Ms. Ploy Tubtim Suksaeng
Contact: ginggaanbai.com, [email protected]

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