Today we push the limits of Bowser's Fury modding by putting Mario in jail! In this funny Mario video, we put Mario in the locked cage in Scamper Shores where the Cat Shine normally is! I made a few prisons for Mario, and we test out how difficult it is for Mario to escape these prisons, and we rank them all in a tier list! We use blocks, brick blocks, fury blocks, enemies, and all kinds of fun obstacles for Mario's jails! Will Bowser Jr help Mario? Or will Bowser Jr skip Mario?
We also test what happens if you move the cat shine out of the cage and try to collect it before unlocking the cage, and do some tests with the mega mushroom that makes Mario giant in Super Mario 3D World :D Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on the Nintendo Switch has some fantastic gameplay, and I hope you enjoy learning some more about the game's secrets (through modding) and the game's mechanics :D
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Intro/ Explanation - 0:00
Prison #1 - 0:22
Prison #2 - 1:13
Prison #3 - 2:22
Passing time + Bowser Jr Bait - 3:24
Prison #4 - 4:10
Giant mega mushroom Mario vs Fury Blocks - 4:49
Removing the fury blocks from the start of the game and getting the cat shine - 5:02
Prison #5 in Spotlight - 5:19
Prison #5 in the game - 5:48
Prison #6 - 7:01
Putting the catshine outside the cage - 7:17
Unlocking the cage then getting the cat shine - 7:45
Trying to get out of Prison #6 - 7:58
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