What is the current price of the Dollar today, February 24, 2021?

The US dollar is the world's leading currency (currency), with such power in the world's economy that knowing its exchange rate in our countries is essential, both for purchases abroad, and for investments, payments, etc.

For our dear visitors, we want to remind you that the dollar prices written below are the approximate average in exchange houses of each of the countries.

Mexico (MXN)
1 dollar = 20.45 pesos
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Argentina (ARS)
1 dollar = 94.95 pesos
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At the moment we have difficulties to convert
1 dollar = 1,834,974 bolivars
Parallel = 1,970,835.98 bolivares
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1 dollar = 5.41 Reales

Bolivia (BOB)
1 dollar = 6.89 Bolivianos

Dominican Republic (PDO)
1 dollar = 57.97 Dominican peso

Colombia (COP)
1 dollar = 3,580.35
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Chile (CLP)
1 dollar = 704 pesos
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Canada (CAD)
1 dollar = 1.25 Canadian dollar

Uruguay (UYU)
1 dollar = 43.04 pesos

Paraguay (PYG)
1 dollar = 6,617.22 guaraní

Peru (PEN)
1 dollar = 3.65 soles
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Spain (EUR)
Price of the dollar in Spain 0.82 euros
What is the objective of this channel?
The objective of this channel is to inform about the price of the dollar for different countries of the world.

Little by little we will be expanding on the subject of currencies and we will increase our library of information to help more and more people, for the moment we begin our work by informing in a simple and periodic way the price of the dollar in the description of the videos, in in the future we will launch web platforms to improve our services.
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