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Prepare to meet the historic diamond theft case .. Where are the diamonds? Who stole it?
When "Eye Mahanop" (Ned-Ma-Han-Nob), the cursed diamond was stolen !! There are 10 suspects in this incident hoping to acquire a huge diamond. She and "he" must find this event .. Who is the real thief !!
Nate Mahanop Dramas It is a story of solving the theft of a billion diamonds. Which is the orbit of Phra Nang Son-Yuk Songpaisan and Esther Suprieleela, along with many other quality performers such as Kung-Kon Sirisorn, O-Anuchitsaphanpong, Ak-Akarat Nimitchai, Taek-Pharanurojanawutitham, Jon-Khachonsak Rattananissai, Praew-Nariporn Kamolchaisang, Silver-Anuphas Bright Yellow, etc.

Directed by: Methee Charoenpong


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