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Instead of buying new clothes, you can customize and decorate your own jeans and shorts! Hope you guys enjoy this video of me painting the Great Wave off Kanagawa, abstract faces, and Acrobats II by Keith Haring. 

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#1. "Boost" by Joakim Karud
#2. "Hold On" (unknown artist) 
#3. "Wait for you" by INOSSI

Being the daughter of two artistically inclined parents, art has always been a way of life for me, from drawing and sculpting to hairstyling and makeup design. In a continual search for new canvases and creative pursuits, I began painting on clothing with acrylic paints—perhaps my favorite artistic challenge yet. Creativity embodies individuality, passion, and personality, which I try to capture in each unique clothing design. 

I am currently a senior at Johns Hopkins University studying public health and psychology and dedicating my free time to art and creativity.

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