21 Settings, Hotkeys, and Keybinds You MUST Know!
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0:00​ Introduction
0:23​ Digital Vibrance
1:00​ Colourblind Mode
1:31​ Refresh Rate
3:30​ Item Slot Keybinds
4:12​ Attack Move
5:12​ Attack Champions
6:26​ Level Up Abilities
8:10​ Stop Attack
9:09​ Quick Casting
10:27​ Ward Aiming
11:39​ Revive Camera 
12:12​ Minimap Scale
12:45​ Timestamps
13:35​ Warded Ping
14:37​ Sound Settings
15:10​ Champion Names
15:30​ Spell Costs
15:54​ Champion Highlight
16:07​ Neutral Camps
16:21​ Minutes and Seconds
16:39​ Top Tip

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