"It's easier than ever to get your game into the hands of players, but harder to stand out."
"Forwarding the game to the players now is much easier than before. But that's difficult .. Is to make it stand out "

A short quote by Mr. Colm Larkin that describes every gaming industry very well. That the creation of games today And delivered to the players home within seconds This happens normally through a "Digital Downlaod" store. Which came out to confront each other dozens of games per day Both from small indie teams To the big developers, the only novelty and creativity is The heart that makes these games stand out, even if they're created by one person, and these 10 games are just those ...

Time Index
0:00 Lost Soul Aside
02:31 Bright Memory
04:58 Stardew Valley
08:20 Minecraft
11:40 Papers, Please
14:10 Undertale
15:47 Retro City Rampage
17:50 Braid
20:14 Dust An Elysain Tail
22:00 Banished

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