hello again, im back with another video, I make these videos to make all of you laugh and happy, i know it took ages to make these edits but seeing the good impact to everybody makes my day 
i make this video to make you guys happy and having a great day, i think this is my funniest videos and i have used a lot of effect in this video im using after effect if you guys wondering, and my humour and him is nearly the same also mys subscriber too, i think we are just have the same sense of humour so you guys can have a chat with the same "frequency" by that i mean the same humour that makes us connect, another thing is im making this video is i love to edit and making art
If you want more videos like these, please dont forget to suggest video i would like to make it and im making a review video too on a lot of movies
anyways thank you for watching, i hope all of you like it
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