These Last Weeks We Have Had Music To Give And Take, But Not Any Music, If Not Quality Music, All Styles And Best Of All, Currada. After My Analysis Of Odesza's Album, Audien's EP Or OVERWERK's Latest Album, Comes One Of The Albums I Most Expected. With All Of You, Awake Of Illenium.

To Say That Illenium's Second Album Has Been Much Anticipated Would Be Lightly Worded. To Say That He Has Exceeded Expectations With This Release Does Not Give The Credit That Nick Deserves. 'Awake' Completely Breaks Any Preconceived Thoughts As To What The American Producer Is Capable Of Doing.

🔥⭐❤¡¡Track List:!!❤⭐🔥

00:00​ Illenium - Fractures (feat. Nevve) 

04:00​ Illenium - Crawl Outta Love (feat. Annika Wells) 

07:56​ Illenium - Lost (ft. Emilie Brandt) 

11:06​ Illenium - Free Fall (ft. RUNN)

14:28​ Illenium - Needed You (ft. Dia Frampton) 

19:24​ Illenium - Sound Of Walking Away (feat. Kerli) 

23:29​ Illenium - Leaving (ft. EDEN) 

27:14​ Illenium x Said The Sky - Where'd U Go 

30:09​ Illenium - No Time Like Now 
32:09​ Illenium - Taking Me Higher 

34:46​ Illenium - Let You Go (ft. Ember Island) 

37:48​ Illenium - Beautiful Creatures (ft. MAX) 

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❤✨ Illenium✨❤​

❤🔊 • Said The Sky (Where'd U Go)​

❤🔊 • Emilie Brandt (Lost)​​

❤🔊 • Dia Frampton (Needed You)​

❤🔊 • MAX (Beautiful Creatures)​​

❤🔊 • Annika Wells (Crawl Outta Love)​​​

❤🔊 • Nevve (Tiny Fractures)​

❤🔊 • Ember Island (Let You Go)​

❤🔊 • RUNN (Free Fall)

❤🔊 • EDEN (Leaving)​

❤🔊 • Kerli (Sound Of Walking Away)​

❤🔊 • MrSuicideSheep​​​​

❤ • Kasaya Recordings