"Based on a True Story" is a few short words that can be placed on the game cover. Or which movie Then immediately made it more attractive Especially with all horror genres That often brings up stories in the past to add to write to create a new story. But maybe a ghost movie Or the horror games we play Its haunting may not be part of the truth behind those stories.

[1:35] Kholat and the legend of nine skiers who died mysteriously.
- 1:50 Game Origin
- 5:32 game introduction
[6:02] The Town of Light, a horror game from a closed psychiatric hospital.
- 6:28 Game Origin
- 7:55 game introduction
[8:48] Masochisia during his early life. Of murderers who like to eat meat "children"
- 9:21 Game Origin
- 11:46 game introduction
[12:22] The creators' melancholy to Neverending Nightmares.
[13:27] The depressions of the people around you go to The Cat Lady.
[14:36] The Truth Behind the Leatherface Mask
- 14:44 Game introduction
- 15:18 Origin of the game

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