Every single Mario & Luigi Power-Up Super Mario Maker 2 in all 5 play styles. The 30 items in this game are: Mushroom, Fire Flower, Superball Flower, Tanooki Leaf, Cape Leaf, Propeller Mushroom Super Bell, Yoshi, Red Yoshi Super Hammer, Big Mushroom, Goomba's Shoe, Shell Helmet, Spiked Shell Helmet, Rotten Mushroom, Dry Bones Shell, Clown Car, Fire Clown Car and the Koopa Troopa Car, Master Sword, Super Mario Bros 2 Mushroom, Frog Suit, Power Balloon Mario, Super Acorn, Boomerang Flower, Cannon Box, Red POW Box, Goomba Mask, Propeller Box and Bullet Bill Mask.

Levels created in cooperation with Cochu.

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