Today we take on ALL TWISTED MODE BOSSES in Super Mario 3D World (a hard-mode Super Mario 3D World mod with all bosses)! In a past video, we tried to defeat as many HARDMODE bosses as possible damageless without taking damage in hard mode Super Mario 3D World, and today we try to defeat every boss in TWISTED MODE of Super Mario 3D World! This all hard mode bosses mod by Jacob the Orange Yoshi is a seriously difficult challenge for Super Mario 3D World, with lots of floor is lava, Mario enemies, lava, spikes, lava, Meowsers, duplicated bosses, Hisstocrats, Prince Bullies, Meowsers, and hard boss battles! (and some lava)

There are a few big differences between this mod and the hard mode all bosses mod that I played a few weeks ago: a lot of bosses were made a lot harder here, some boss fights are similar, and there are some new levels included in this mod that weren't in the original Hard Mode mod (like the Fire Bros levels!)

BIG THANK YOU TO Jacob The Orange Yoshi, the creator of this mod, for making and sharing this mod, this is fantastic!!! You can check out their channel here! :D

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Intro/ explanation - 0:00
Bowser's Highway Showdown Dark Bowser (World 1-Castle) - 0:11
Chargin' Chuck Blockade (World 1-A) - 1:51
Big Galoomba Blockade (World 2-A) - 2:05
Boom Boom Boss Fight (World 2-Castle) - 2:28
Magikoopa Blockade (World 3-A) - 3:39
Pom Pom Boss Fight: Bullet Bill Express (World 3-Castle) - 4:07
A Banquet with Hisstocrat vs Waluigi (World 3-B) - 5:41
Brolder Blockade vs Waluigi (World 4-A) - 7:28
First Fire Bros Hideout (World 4-B) - 7:55
Boss Brolder Boss Fight: Lava Rock Lair (World 4-Castle) - 8:39
Chargin' Chuck Blockade is Back (World 5-A) - 10:19
Fire Bros Hideout #2 - 10:51
King Kathunk/ Emperor Kathunk Boss fight (King World 5-Castle) - 11:26
Prince Bully Blockade (World 6-A) - 13:19
Prince Bully not falling below the level - 13:59
Second Boom Boom Boss Fight: Bowser's Bob-omb Brigade (World 6-Castle) - 14:19
Motley Bossblob Boss Fight (World 6-C) - 15:27
Glitchy Daisy model - 16:57
Fire Bros Hideout #4 - 17:23
Brolder Blockade is Back Boss fight (World Castle-A) - 17:46
Prince Bully Blockade is Back Boss Fight (World Castle-B) - 18:52
Bowser's Lava Lake Keep Dark Bowser Boss Fight - 20:45
Dark Bowser fight third area - 23:49
Hisstocrat Returns Boss Fight (World Bowser-B) - 24:21
Playing as Toadette in Super Mario 3D World - 25:20
Stepping into invisible lava - 26:25
Motley Boss Blob's Encore Boss Fight (World Bowser-A) - 26:50
The Great Tower of Bowserland (World Bowser-Castle) - 28:23
The Great Tower of Bowserland Checkpoint - 30:40
Climbing up the final part of the Tower with Dark Meowsers - 31:50
Final phase Dark Bowser at The Great Tower of Bowserland - 33:05
Fire Bros Hideout #3 - 34:08
Thank you for watching! - 34:40

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