Take the Private Pilot Ground School FREE.  Lesson 1 is Aerodynamics.
Register and take the remaining course FREE on our website https://mauiflightacademy.com/grounds...​

This is an FAA Approved Ground School designed for you to pass the FAA Private Pilot Written Exam.  After watching this video take the online quizzes to prepare you for the FAA Written at      


Pay for your online quizzes, currently set at $6.95. You will get 5 attempts for each quiz for that one time fee.   The entire program is only $99.  Total. That includes the FAA Endorsement.

Each learning module has a quiz. There are 11 modules that take you through the entire course. Such as Weather, aircraft systems, navigation, regulations, flight planning and of course Aerodynamics. 

Students have ranked the course 100% 5 Star on Google reviews. 

Once you pass the Private Pilot final exam you instantly receive your FAA Endorsement Certificate to take the FAA exam at a local testing center. 

The course is self paced so you can go as fast or slow as you want. 

There is no need to purchase textbooks as everything is available on our website https://mauiflightacademy.com/grounds...​

As a student, in order to take the written exam with the FAA you must receive an endorsement.
This course provides the endorsement at the end.  All our students pass the test.  The reasons are simple.  You may not proceed to the next level unless you achieve an 80% mastery of the subject material.  Unlike other courses, this one doesn't provide a blank copy you can fill in at the end.  

We want you to become the best pilot you can and take this material seriously.  It's a wonderful time to learn how to fly.  Come join us!
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