Learn 10 genius ways how to prank your friends for 24 hours straight in this funny prank wars challenge featuring the best swimming pool vs insane car pranks. Try not to laugh as my brother surprises me at the end by pranking me back.

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Last time, brothers (not twins) the key bros competed in a do it yourself competition to see who could sneak the most candy into the movies while overcoming crazy obstacles like a scary cinema movie theater guard dog, a fake pregnancy baby bump filled with the sourest gummy vs real food and chocolate, and a giant life size mystery wheel. Today there is the ultimate bushman mannequin scare prank, pigment filled target tennis balls, a diy coke and mentos food experiment, millions of Amazon ball pit balls and packing peanuts, an epic Walmart teddy bear prank, a kraft mac n cheese disguised as orange Gatorade revenge prank, a post it note car prank, and more! These easy diy pranks are perfect to pull on your girlfriend, boyfriend, crush, sibling, and friends at home. Whether girls or boys, top hidden camera pranks gone wrong are hilarious and great for back to school fun! It’s another awesome and amazing viral video in this satisfying comedy entertainment and easy tutorial life hack and pranks compilation series. 

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