As Lani starts her job in the bus garage, she worries that how Cito thinks about her and her job performance. And Lani's thought leads to misunderstanding. Oh Lani, you're doing awesome and we hope you know that! :)

Cito is proud of Lani for always doing her best in everything. However, Lani doesn't know how Cito feels about her and instead gets mad at him because of various misunderstandings. It's the final straw when Cito scolds Lani for failing her regular exam. Lani goes off to work angry and refuses to go home. She wanders around from place to place, visiting the fire station and a construction site. In the end, Lani runs out of gas and becomes immobilized. She trembles with fear on a deserted road when Cito suddenly appears. As Cito talks to her and hauls her back home, Lani realizes that she had misunderstood Cito and that he is a friend like no other.

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