Listen to the LOBODA single "Rodnoy":

Artist Producer Natella Krapivina @natellakrapivina
Director Anna Melikyan @ petta3399

DOP Ksenia Sereda @kseniasereda
1stAC Igor Gusev
Gaffer Mikhail Zherdin

Actors: Yura Borisov @ yura.borisov
Anya Chipovskaya @chi_pa

Art director Vladislav Ogay
Prop master Leonid Zhustarev

Style LUVI, Anna Chistova @luviofficial @annachistova
MUA Tina Antonenko, Marina Mikhnevich @tina_antonenko
Hair artist Konstantin Kochegov @kochegov_konstantin

CG supervisor Dmitry Bulgakov
SFX Nikolay Evsineikin, Petr Gorbachev

Editing Anastasia Marchukova
Colorist Nikolay Vavilov
Cleanup designer Alexander Kaspruk
Postproduction Dasha Gladchenko, Ekaterina Ryzhaya

Producer Ekaterina Ryzhaya

Director assistant Margarita Bylinskaya, Yulia Abdusheva

Music Dima Lauren, Kirill Good, Sergey Slem @deemaloren @iamkirillgood @sergeyslem

Sony Music Russia @sonymusicrussia

Music Dima Lauren, Kirill Good, Sergey Slem @deemaloren @iamkirillgood @sergeyslem

Sony Music Russia @sonymusicrussia

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How are you doing,
From your timbre through the body.
Honestly, I didn't wait
That you will dial me someday.
You're mine again
You still joke and laugh
Only now a stranger (but no longer with me)
Let's not talk about the past.

My dear friend
Well, how I missed you
How many cold winters
You didn't call at night.
I thought you would forget
Everything is so beautiful with you
Do you really love
She's just as strong
Like me?
You know, and now I
Became like steel it saves.
Again in the circle of friends
But this city has not caught on for a long time.
Life is still in full swing
Meetings, wine, restaurants and clubs.
I hope God will forgive
That you and I have lost each other.

We are now familiar acquaintances
I'm a stranger, she's legal.
Come on frankly, without unnecessary preludes
Do not be shy, we are close people.
Tell me honestly, is it worth it again
You just called, and my heart sank,
I still remember all the little things
You and I are both tired of being silent.