Here's Super Mario 3D World gameplay (modded) where we play as Shadow Luigi, Captain Toad, Daisy, and classic Mario! The models of Shadow Luigi from Bowser's Fury were added to Super Mario 3D World as a mod, regular Toad had his models swapped with Captain Toad, a Daisy mod was created to replace Princess Peach, and Mario's colours were replaced with classic Mario colours! This Super Mario 3D World gameplay is from the new Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury on the Nintendo Switch!

We play through several of the first few levels and I show off the different power-ups that are available for these characters like the cat suits, fire flowers, and boomerang power-ups!

Skipping Bowser Jr in BOWSER'S FURY: What happens/ IS IT POSSIBLE Challenge? -​

I added Luigi and Toad to Bowser's Fury, but... (strangely modded characters) -​

Strange Tests with Bowser's Fury Hacking (invisible platforms, testing Bowser) -​


Shadow Luigi mod -​ (UPDATED VERSION (I haven't played this one yet):​)

Captain Toad mod -​

Daisy mod -​

Classic Mario mod -​

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Game start screen - 0:00​
Opening cutscene - 0:05​
Going into the first clear pipe - 0:34​
Making it to the overworld - 0:55​
Super Bell Hill with Shadow Luigi (World 1-1) - 1:09​
Cat Shadow Luigi - 1:25​
Small Shadow Luigi - 1:46​
Koopa Troopa Cave with Daisy (World 1-2) - 2:22​
Shadow Luigi vs Chargin' Chuck Blockade (World 1-A) - 3:36​
Mount Beanpole with Captain Toad (World 1-3) - 4:06​
Cat Captain Toad - 4:21​
Classic Mario Cat Power-up (World 1-5) - 5:57​
Classic Mario Fire Flower Power-up - 6:08​
Plessie's Plunging Falls with Shadow Luigi (World 1-4) - 6:37​
Captain Toad at World 1 Castle - 7:30​
Captain Toad vs Bowser - 8:26​
Not the lowest score in Super Mario 3D World - 9:33​
Two Captain Toads - 9:38​
Classic Mario at Conkdor Canyon (World 2-1) - 10:45​
Shadow Luigi at Puffprod Peaks (World 2-2) - 11:04​
Really Rolling Hills with Daisy (World 2-4) - 11:43​
Little Classic Mario - 12:16​
Shadow Luigis with Double Cherries - 12:23​
Captain Toad being shot out of a cannon (World 2 Castle) - 12:59​
Captain Toad in the Overworld - 13:51​
Spinning Captain Toad - 14:01​
Daisy graphical glitch - 14:14​
Daisy swimming - 14:19​
Bullet Bill Express with Shadow Luigi - 14:27​
Bullet Bill Express with Captain Toad - 15:02​
Captain Toad saves Captain Toad - 15:13​
Hisstocrat - 15:49​
More Shadow Luigi - 16:03​
Mario Hammer Bro Power-up (Boomerang) - 16:20​

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