WARNING: some clips used from trailers and TV spots for BD Pt2! 
Read please!

I was listening to this song the other day (week:D) and it just hit me how perfect it was for EB. And since i have no inspiration whatsoever for anything except Twilight and EB right now, i decided to make another video of my OTP:):) Especially since the last movie is almost here, and it's so bittersweet, this will always be my number 1 fandom, and it was the fandom that made me want to vid too.

Anyways, i know it's another slow song and everything, but i realized i love making more emotional videos these days, and i hope you guys are gonna like this.

It would mean everything to me if you could leave me some comments, cause they are the best thing in the whole world*____*

Love you all,

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