The INCREDIBLE Bowser in the Dark World level from Super Mario 64 is remade in Super Mario 3D World in a Mario 3D World mod with a new boss fight for Mario instead of the first Bowser boss fight in Super Mario 64!! It's so funny to see speedrunner Mario movement from one Mario game to another Mario game, and funny Mario animations in 3D World instead of Mario 64! This Super Mario 3D World mod is incredible, and it's so cool to see Super Mario 64 levels recreated in Super Mario 3D World!!
Do Super Mario 64 speedrun strategies still work in the Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury remake? There are a few similar speedrun tricks that we can do, like climbing up the slope, and it's really funny to try the Mario speedrun tricks in the Super Mario 3D World (Nintendo Switch version) remake of the original level!
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO Amethyst-szs for making this great Bowser in the Dark World from Super Mario 64 remake in Super Mario 3D world for the Castle Jam community collaboration!! This was an incredible level to play through! :D Amethyst-szs is so close to 1,000 subscribers and has a LOT of incredible mods worth checking out!!
My Castle Jam level contribution -
Bowser Jr's Fury (you play as Bowser Jr in Bowser's Fury) -
Intro/ World Map icon - 0:00
Bowser in the Dark World Mario 64 in Super Mario 3D World remake - 0:10
Mario 64 platforms - 0:20
Spinning platforms - 0:35
Bullies instead of Mario goombas + first green star - 0:42
Trying to jump on the background castle towers - 1:12
Incredible Bowser's theme - 1:25
Speedrun shortcut up the slope - 1:29
Second green star instead of red coin - 2:05
Great jump on platforms - 2:34
New clear pipe - 3:20
Green star #3 - 3:42
Stamp - 4:35
New boss fight area instead of Bowser - 5:00
Funny Mario Bully defeats himself - 5:50
New room after boss fight - 6:09
One clear pipe that I didn't get - 6:40
Goal pole - 6:50
Thank you to Amethyst-szs for making this mod - 7:00
Lost Kingdom from Mario Odyssey turned into lava-themed Kingdom - 7:11
Super Mario 3D World modding community Castle Jam - 7:20
ZXMany's Castle Jam custom Super Mario 3D World level - 7:28
Bowser's Castle from Mario Kart 64 remade in Super Mario 3D World - 7:33
Thank you for watching - 7:41
Outro - 7:50
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