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In the past few years and in the future Probably none of the words is more appropriate than the word "Thai fever game industry" already. Because anything related to the game at this time seems to be of interest. And received a good response Game caster, 10 million followers, big game, Thai subtitles, e-sports industry All of these are phenomena that have just happened to be seen in our home. Which includes "Thai games" that have been developed as well. But how much is it developed? What kind? How? Until 'to this point', what has happened?
I would like to volunteer to take the time to find the past to find answers!
Note: This clip would like to be used in Buddhist era in order to comply with the content.

Time Index
2:30 game disc era
10:05 Flash games
11:56 Online gaming era
17:46 The Digital Download Era


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- List of all Thai games that appear in this clip.
Land of the Dead Preta
Old age
Magic Chronicle
Tom Yum Goong The Game
Kan Kluay The Adventure
The House
KIA Online
12 tail online
Hero Master
A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda
So Many Me
Pandora x Hunter
Mist Survival
Dead Sea (unfinished)
Earth Atlantis
Project Nimbus
The Falconers Moonlight
Aeterno Blade 1
Aeterno Blade 2
Number 5
Home Sweet Home 1
Home Sweet Home 2
Home Sweet Home Survie (Unreleased)
Bloody Bunny The Game (Unreleased)
Dual Gear (Unreleased)
Bounty Brawl (not released yet)