Hey guys , this vlog is about my 22nd birthday party 🥳 
So I was not sure what I was going to do on the day of my birthday, was mostly thinking to go on a dinner with family & my close one 
But they all surprised me with this birthday party 😍

I was so overwhelmed with all the love & gifts you people gave me 🥺
Nagma di gave me a freaking MacBook Pro 💻 🤩
Anam gave me a new camera 📸 & Mrunu gave me a Gshock 🥰 Bhaijaan gave me this sick outfit 
& Last but not the least Zaidu Bhai & Gauahar Bhabi arranged this beautiful party 🎉 
Many more gave different things 😘 I just want to thank you all 🌹

I love you all 🤍
This is 22yr old mo signing out see you on the 23rd 😉

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Snapchat - IamMohammedAli