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This was a ton of fun to make!! Very laid back video giving my analysis and reaction to all the current Mario Kart Wii World Records (both glitch and no-glitch/no shortcut). This is an INCREDIBLY long video. I will have time stamps for each track so it can make navigating the video easier if you only want to see certain tracks. I look forward to the future of Mario Kart Wii World Records with the new decade! As always, major props to all the talented players that set World Records in this game. I hope you all enjoy the video.

Luigi Circuit: 1:36​
Moo Moo Meadows: 3:06​
Mushroom Gorge (glitch): 5:14​
Mushroom Gorge (no-glitch): 7:20​
Toad's Factory (box clip): 10:19​
Toad's Factory (non-box clip): 15:34​
Mario Circuit (glitch): 18:41​
Mario Circuit (no-glitch): 21:50​
Coconut Mall (glitch): 25:06​
Coconut Mall (no-glitch): 27:35​
DK's Snowboard Cross: 32:43​
Wario's Gold Mine (glitch): 37:05​
Wario's Gold Mine (no-glitch): 40:28​
Daisy Circuit: 43:24​
Koopa Cape: 45:52​
Maple Treeway (glitch): 50:59​
Maple Treeway (no-glitch): 55:58​
Grumble Volcano (glitch): 1:00:18​
Grumble Volcano (no-glitch/SC): 1:03:20​
Dry Dry Ruins: 1:06:30​
Moonview Highway: 1:08:41​
Bowser's Castle (glitch): 1:12:16​
Bowser's Castle (no-glitch): 1:14:52​
Rainbow Road: 1:18:20​
GCN Peach Beach (glitch): 1:22:10​
GCN Peach Beach (no-glitch): 1:24:20​
DS Yoshi Falls: 1:26:27​
SNES Ghost Valley 2 (glitch): 1:29:04​
SNES Ghost Valley 2 (no-glitch): 1:31:04​
N64 Mario Raceway: 1:32:53​
N64 Sherbet Land (glitch): 1:37:07​
N64 Sherbet Land (no-glitch): 1:40:19​
GBA Shy Guy Beach: 1:42:46​
DS Delfino Square: 1:45:21​
GCN Waluigi Stadium: 1:47:55​
DS Desert Hills (glitch): 1:51:29​
DS Desert Hills (no-glitch): 1:54:15​
GBA Bowser Castle 3 (shortcut): 1:56:30​
GBA Bowser Castle 3 (no-shortcut): 1:58:25​
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway (glitch): 2:01:37​
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway (no-glitch): 2:04:01​
GCN Mario Circuit: 2:06:48​
SNES Mario Circuit 3: 2:09:29​
DS Peach Gardens: 2:11:18​
GCN DK Mountain (glitch): 2:15:36​
GCN DK Mountain (no-glitch): 2:17:54​
N64 Bowser's Castle: 2:21:20​
Conclusion: 2:24:10​